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List of Censored Sites on Google.

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Sept, 28, 2010

An Ex-Google employee says that Google is censoring major content in truth-specific genres.

Here is a list of sites exposing the New World Order, Illuminati, and satanism, that are being censored, or being view-count manipulated by the Google search engine, Youtube, and Google owned media sites.

These sites are the premier sites on the net exposing the New World Order, Illuminati plans for global dictatorship, and genocide.

This is only a partial list but the database is monitoring these search results, more results will be uploaded as they become available.



Defeating YouTube/Google Censorship.

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When YouTube burst onto the scene in February 2005, it wasn’t long before this simple concept revolutionized the way people connect to each other and the way they define “the media.” As Vancouver 9/11 Truth activist Michael Hey told The Corbett Report in a recent interview: “I shudder to think where we would be right now if we didn’t have YouTube, or if we didn’t have the various video hosting services that we have,” he said. “Think of the example of Montebello in 2007 where there were agents provocateurs who were outed by citizen journalists.”

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Welcome to the world of Google Censorship.

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This site will give people insight into the inner workings of Government controlled Search Engines from computer experts in the industry.